Check Request

Step 1: Do I need a cash advance or a Reimbursement?

  • You can request an advance when:
    • Supplies are under $500
    • Check is written directly to a student for supplies
    • Products have not been purchased by student
  • You cannot use an advance when:
    • The products have already been purchased
    • The products are over $500
    • When directly paying the vendor (invoice provided)

Step 2(a): Requesting a Reimbursement (In Office)

Filling out the check request

  • Make check payable to: The full name of the individual or organization that is receiving the check
    • Include the address of the individual or organization if the check will be mailed.
  • Business purpose for expense: A description of what is being purchased with the check.
    • Good Example: Pizza for (Insert Event Name), (Date)
    • Bad Example: Food for event
  • Total Amount: The amount of money requested for the check or cash advance.
    Restaurant tips should be included
  • Organization: Name the student group that the money will be taken from.
    • General account is funds provided from SGA
    • Revenue account is for fundraising and dues
  • Budget Subcategory: Filled out by SFAO
  • Authorized Signature: Group President or Treasurer
    • The individual requesting the check can not authorize it
  • Student Affairs Signature: RU Administrator signature
  • Check requested by: Name of individual requesting the check. Please leave email and phone number
    • Office Pick up or Mail?

Step 2(b): requesting an advance (In Office)

Check Request Process remains the same

  • Request for a check to purchase food/supplies for events, paid directly from the Student Fund Office
  • Follow Check request procedures
    • Check Request- Pay for supplies. Bring receipt, get reimbursed
    • Advance Request – Receive check. Purchase supplies, bring back receipts, remaining cash/change that was not used, complete advance reconciliation form.
    • This method is preferred over check reimbursement
  • Cash advance agreement: A contract between SFAO and the student to receive the check, purchase the supplies listed, and return the unused funds to deposit back into student group account.
  • Check Request: Completed the same as a reimbursement
  • Advance Reconciliation: Completed form as documentation of what amount was spent and what is being returned

Step 3: Making a Purchase Request (Online)

  • Go to Engage
  • Log in and find your student group under the “Organizations” Tab
  • Click on “Create Purchase Request”
  • Subject: Name of the event or purpose for the transaction
  • Requested Amount: The total of the expenses for the check
  • Description:  A description of what is being purchased with the check
  • Account: Which student group? (General/Revenue)
  • Category: Sub account to agree with description
  • Payee Information: Name and address of the individual receiving the check
  • Check Disbursement Information: Office Pick Up or Mail?
  • For vendors: Please attach form w-9 and invoice, and include vendor SSN#