Office Visits

The Student Funds Accounting Office is intended as an open resource for students who have questions about their organization’s finances. It is highly recommended that students bring inquiries to the attention of the Business Assistant in the form of emails or in-person visits to resolve issues. With that being said, there are a number of common reasons to visit the SFAO.

  • Submitting a form: Be it a check request or any other form, bringing it to the office can ensure that the SFAO is able to work with you to finalize the details of the request.
  • Making a deposit: Students looking to deposit funds into their organization’s account must do so in person. Fundraisers/Bake Sales, returns on check advances, and membership dues collections are all common sources of deposits.
  • Picking up a check: When a check is processed and is to be disbursed via office pick up, the payee (the name the check is made out to) must visit the office to receive their check. The recipient must also show a valid ID before the check is disbursed.
  • Reviewing account balances or checking transaction history: It is important to monitor the balance of the organization’s account, and visiting the office is a way to take a close look at the financial affairs of the organization. The SFAO can not only provide you with the current balances of an organization’s accounts, but can also students the transaction history. At the student’s wish, a copy of the history can be printed out or emailed to the students.
  • Issues or concerns with financial or SFAO-related business: Questions about dealing with vendors, budgeting for the organization, or even just asking about a process the organization is unsure about are all great reasons to visit the SFAO. Please do not hesitate to visit us during office hours if you need help!