Student Fund

What is the Rutgers Student Fund?
The Rutgers Student Fund is the accounting and banking office for all registered undergraduate and graduate student organizations. Guidelines and policies listed here are intended to assist student organizations in the expenditure and recording of student fee allocations. Learn more»

Mission Statement
The Student Fund Accounting Office (SFAO) administers and manages the financial resources of the student governments, student organizations and other similar student-focused organizations of Rutgers University-Camden, and departments within the Division of Student Affairs.

The SFAO manages the Rutgers University Student Fund, which is comprised of Student Fees, Student Organization Generated Revenue, and allocated funds.

The SFAO provides the management and administrative infrastructure necessary to facilitate the unique needs of student organizations and the Schools and University departments responsible for student organizations and their programs.

The SFAO is structured to offer sound financial management within a student development context, providing valuable learning experiences for student organization officers. The SFAO is focused almost exclusively on the needs of student organizations and the services offered are designed to meet their specific needs.