Form Name Description Format
Check Request This form is used to request funding for an event. Used for either a cash advance or a reimbursement. PDF
Cash Advance This form is used as a contract between the student and the SFAO when a cash advance has been requested. PDF
Journal Entry This form is used to transfer funds between accounts. Example: Transferring money from the revenue account to the general account to pay for vendor services. PDF
Lost Receipt Form This form is used when original receipts have been lost or stolen. Fill out this form and bring it to the SFAO for a reimbursement. PDF
Standard Contract For professional entertainment vendors, this university contract must be completed and signed by the performer, and a student affairs administrator. PDF

Letter of Intent

When a student group has raised money to donate, this letter of intent should be completed and brought to the SFAO to confirm the amount and recipient of the check. PDF
Gift Card Request This form is used when your group uses its funds to purchase gift cards to give to recipients. It must be completed prior to the gift card being given away and requires information of the recipient. PDF